Spring Update

Hi Friends,

Welcome back to another year of joy in the woods on single-track. The Aqueduct Trails, Mt. Peg Trails, and Suicide 6 Trails are free to the public for biking, running, hiking and dog walking due to your generous support.

Thank you to new and returning members.  If you haven’t renewed or joined, please do so today. The new season started on April 1stand this year’s seat post/fork ribbon is pink. Sign up here: https://vmba.org/join/. Mark your calendar for our Annual Members Meeting on Thursday, May 13th at 6pm.

This year we have partnered with the Upper Valley Mountain Bike Association (UVMBA) and the Ascutney Trails Association (ATA) to promote the amazing recreational resources in our region. For just a few dollars more,  you can include these chapters as “add-ons” when you join VMBA.  Please support our neighboring chapters as they plan to do the same for us.

Trail Conditions
Now, on to what we know you are all wondering about: can we ride the trails yet?

For the most part, “No”, it’s still mud season. The trails are drying out nicely, but most of the trails are still not dry enough to ride without causing significant damage to the trail tread. See photo above. Currently, no trails are open at Aqueduct or Suicide 6. Please respect these trail closures.

There are a few trails open on the south end of Mt. Peg and we will be opening more trails in the next couple of weeks. Before venturing out to ride, please check current trail conditions here:


Want to help get the trails open sooner? Here’s where you come in:

  1. Spring Clean-up. Sign up to rake or leaf blow a trail on your own time. Here’s the sign-up sheet:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1APPh5a7OR9X5M3uBrUocG3yEczu98UcqwvIhGz2x_RQ/edit
  2. Impromtu Tuesdays – Ready to dig, bench and berm. Please follow us on Instagram at #mtbwoodstock if you would like to know when we are headed out on Tuesdays from 4pm to dusk to build and repair trails.
  3. First Saturdays – Mark your calendars for our all-hands volunteer workdays the first Saturday of May and June.
  • Saturday, May 1st – May Day Work Day
  • Saturday, June 5th – National Trails Day

Workdays generally run from 12-4. Loocations to be communicated at a later date. We’ll be working on new trails at Mt. Peg and Aqueduct.

Group Rides
Want to join a group to learn your way around or help get motivated?

  1. Monday Single-Track – starting Monday May 3rd, this ride will alternate between the Aqueduct Trails and Mt. Peg Trails from 6pm-8pm. Can’t remember which location? Add our Events to your Google Calendar or check out Events. Show up and group up. Meet at Aquedcut Parking Lot or Knox Meadow. No email lists or notifications for this ride, it just happens. We’ll send you a few reminders throughout the year. Minors should be accompanied by an adult.
  2. Wednesday Night Gravel Ride “WNGR” – A and B groups. Starts at 5:30. Meet in front of Woodstock Public Library. Minors should be accompanied by an adult. This ride has an email list with route updates. To be added, email info@mtbwoodstock.com
  3. Thursday Girls Ride – back again by popular demand. Details will be forthcoming. E-mail: info@mtbwoodstock.com if you would like to learn more about this ride.
  4. Weekend Family Rides – We will invite you to bring with your kids to ride in around Woodstock.

Remember, until everyone is vaccinated please respect social distancing and wear a mask when you can’t create a safe space between yourself and others.

Thank you to our current landowners, the Woodstock Inn and the Woodstock Aqueduct Company for their generous permission to use their private land for public recreation.  Do you or does someone you know want to explore building public single track on your land, please contact us. We’d love to see what is possible. Vermont has strong laws for outdoor recreation that protect landowners from liability.

Want to give more than your Membership dues to support WAMBA?

You can donate monthly or once by credit card with Paypal here or if you prefer to pledge a donation by check, please write to info@mtbwoodstock.com and we will provide you payment instructions.

WAMBA is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization (tax identification number 81-1302062) under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. If you look us up using the IRS search tool for non-profits, you will find us listed under Vermont Mountain Bike Advocates, Inc., our parent organization.

Yours truly,

The WAMBA Team
Matt Stout – President and Board Director
Nick Mahood – Vice President and Board Director
Seth Westbrook – S6 Trail Boss and Board Director
Rob Vaughan – Aqueduct Trail Boss and Board Director
Jason Rickles – Corporate Secretary and Board Director
Sean McDemott – Treasurer
Kent McFarland – Mt. Peg Trail Boss
Todd Uva – Kids Programming
Gavin Vaughan – Trail Builder
And many more volunteers who make it all happen.