We’re changing things up a bit….

 Hello Friends,

Seth here—

I’m writing to inform you of some operational changes here at WAMBA.  In our last board meeting, we voted to re-organize our roles, and bring in some new board members / super volunteers.

I will be stepping back from my position as President, and will remain on the Board of Directors.
It has been my pleasure and honor to serve this community as President, Co-Founder and Ringleader for the last five years.  Our collective accomplishments over the last five years have been phenomenal.  We have protected land access, and created over 36 miles of multi- use trail.

We have shown up with our hearts, our backs, and our dollars for permit meetings, trail work days, and fundraising events. We have all pulled together in the same direction – for a vision of community trail access, and we are now reaping the rewards.

Five years of doing the right thing well, has yielded incredible trails right in our backyard, strong landowner relationships which ensure continued access over time, and a rock solid community of volunteers and friends.

None of this would be possible without everyone’s hard work.  It has truly been a team effort of huge magnitude.   For that, I am eternally grateful.  Thank you all.

OK – lets get on with it.   Here’s the new arrangement… Drumroll please…..

Board Members:

Nick Mahood
Jason Rickles
Matt Stout
Rob Vaughan
Seth Westbrook

We welcome diversity on our our board, and if anyone would like to be involved who brings a different perspective on the world from ours,  let us know!

New Officer Positions:

Matt Stout – who jumped into the deep end with me to get WAMBA off the ground – will be taking over the role of President.  Matt and I have worked closely on all aspects of WAMBA over the years, and I have great faith in his leadership of the organization.  I can’t thank Matt enough for all he has done for WAMBA over the years.  We would not have come this far without his involvement, and the organization is in good hands with Matt at the helm.

Vice President:
Nick Mahood  is the Trails Director at the Woodstock Resort Corporation, and has been on the WAMBA board since the very beginning.  Nick has been instrumental to the trail networks on Mt. Peg and Suicide Six.  Nick is stepping up to the Vice-President position.  Thank you Nick!

Jason Rickles is our newest board member – Jason is an English teacher, and has been active as a youth coach for the High School MTB race program.  Welcome Jason, and thank you! Jason will be acting as Corporate Secretary.  He will be helping us with Marketing and Communication.  Great to have you Jason – Thanks for your help!

Sean McDermott has been a super volunteer for years, I don’t know if he has missed a trail day or meeting yet… Sean has agreed to act as Treasurer.  Thank you Sean!

Volunteer “Staff” Positions:

Trail Boss – Aqueduct:
Rob Vaughan
If you don’t know Rob, you know his trails.  I think Rob has worked on every foot of trail in our networks…. and shows up for everything.  Thank you for all you do, and continue to do Rob!

Trail Boss – Mt. Peg: 
Kent McFarland
Kent has been a super active volunteer on Mt. Peg for the last several years, his additions and changes have been super fun, and I’m looking forward to what Kent brings next to Mt. Peg.  Thanks Kent!

Director of Design for WAMBA, Special Trail Projects – Suicide Six:
Seth Westbrook (me)
I’m going to keep doing mapmaking, graphic design stuff, (special t-shirts, hats anyone? ) as well as continue to contribute to our vision, strategy, trail design and building.
I’m going to be working as WAMBA’s interface with the operations team at Suicide Six for trail improvements, and coordinating volunteer workdays there.

Director of Youth Programming:
Todd Uva
Todd has been absolutely instrumental in bringing cycling into the lives of youth in our community through his role in running the Summer SOAK camps, and starting the Middle School / High School race team.  Todd is a tireless advocate for getting kids on bikes, and we support that 1000%  Thanks Todd!

How about you?   If you have a special skill you feel would benefit our organization, let us know.  We can always use help with fundraising, grant writing, events coordination, membership outreach, website/ tech admin, corporate sponsorship, or insert your own title here:                                         .

I am extremely proud of what this community has created together, and you should be too.
The revised organization and new leadership of our organization will put us in a really strong position as we move forward with new projects.

I look forward to seeing you out on the trails – whether we’re riding bikes or slinging dirt.

Many thanks to you all!

Seth Westbrook