June update!

I’m writing to share some updates with you all – I hope everyone has been enjoying the awesome riding conditions we’ve had lately.

Woodstock Aqueduct Company –

Initial work has started on our 1 mile beginner trail – this will be a fun flowy trail that has limited climbing. It will be a good option for beginner riders, and a fun way for everyone to access the trails without as much 2 track.

WAMBA Social Media / Web:-

We have launched a Facebook Page and Instagram Account. FACE BOOK LINK: https://www.facebook.com/mtbwoodstock/

INSTAGRAM: @mtbwoodstock. Thank you Evan Kay for helping get this rolling. Stay tuned to these channels for information about group rides and events.

We also have a Website that is up, but in progress. Check it out at www.mtbwoodstock.com. We will keep the site updated with information about what we are up to.
Major thanks to Matt Stover for helping set this up. We will be updating this site with more information, photos and text as we have time.

Trail Work Days-

We’ve had a couple work sessions this spring, helping Nick work on some of the trails he has laid out up on Mt. Peg.

Our next official trail work day is Saturday July 2nd, 8am-12pm. We will meet at the Aqueduct Co. parking lot on Cox District Road and work on benching and berming sections of the new trail. Don’t worry if you’re out of town – we’ll have more opportunities for you to help! Wear appropriate clothes and shoes, bring whatever water and snacks you need, and bring tools if you have them. If not – have no fear – we’ll bring some to share.

Group Rides-

Group rides have been going off every Thursday evening at 6. Locations have been varying around our region – Stay tuned for information about tomorrow’s ride. We’ve had great turnout – people have learned new trails, and met new faces.

WAMBA Tool Order-

We just submitted a tool order with VMBA. All of you on this list who have signed up as VMBA members, your membership money is helping our club buy some new tools from Rogue Hoe. These should show up sometime in July, and will be invaluable additions to our trail work days.

VMBA Fest-
The Vermont Mountain Bike Festival is in Waitsfield VT at the end of July. They have been working on buffing out the riding up there, and it is certain to be a good time.

Here is a link: https://vmba.org/civicrm/event/info?id=98&reset=1

If there are a bunch of folks from our area going – make sure to communicate with each other for car pooling or riding / camping together.

VMBA Membership-

Your membership money helps improve riding around the State of Vermont via VMBA trail grants, helps us buy tools and build bridges, and gets you a whole bunch of freebie benefits to boot.

If you haven’t signed up yet, it isn’t too late.

WAMBA is up to 37 members – you could make it 38!

Here’s the link: