Town of Woodstock Zoning Review

All: The Village of Woodstock is requiring the Woodstock Inn to apply for, and receive a Conditional Use Permit for their recreational trail system on Mt. Peg. This trail system represents the largest opportunity for singletrack recreation from the Village of Woodstock. Rejection of the Inn’s application, or imposition of significant conditions from the Town Government could drastically impact the opportunities for recreation in our community, and will set a precedent for other trail systems in the area. What can we do? Show up and voice support for local singletrack options. The more of us that show up to support local trails, the better our chances of continuing to access great riding right from town. There are two upcoming meetings that we need you to attend: 11/16 at 7:00PM Conservation Commission 11/29 at 7:30PM Development Review Board These meetings will be on the second floor of the Woodstock Town Hall. If times or locations change, we’ll let you know. We have listed the members of each Commission reviewing the project below. If you know anyone on these boards personally, please reach out to them to express your support for Mountain Biking and singletrack recreation trails in our community. Conservation Commission: Byron Quinn, Chair Lea Kachadorian Lynn Peterson Cyndy Kozara Bethany Powers Al Alessi Lina Hristova Development review board: Don Bourdon, Chair Charles Wilson Kimberly French Ingrid Moulton Nichols Frederick Hunt If you care about riding in our community, please reach out to the people on these commissions, and come out to the meetings to express your support. Thank you, WAMBA Board of Directors: Seth Westbrook, Pomfret Matt Stout, Woodstock Rob Terry, Hartland Nick Mahood, Woodstock ============================================== Unsubscribe from this list: