Woodstock Mountain Biking Membership Benefits

Since we are now an official VMBA Chapter, you can sign up for membership on VMBA’s website.

The VMBA member benefits are great, and your membership money represents another vote and voice for mountain biking in the State of Vermont.

We get 50% of your membership fee back from VMBA  trail projects on our local trails. VMBA keeps a tiny percentage to cover their overhead, and the rest is distributed to chapters across the state via VMBA Trail Grants.  Once we have our land agreements in place we will be applying for these grant funds regularly.

The Chapter add on feature is a great way to support our neighboring chapters – A lot of us ride in Ascutney and Boston Lot, so consider spreading the love around if you can.  Also, if you ride Kingdom Trails regularly, you would benefit from the Kingdom Trails add-on membership.

We are in the process of scheduling our next meeting, likely later in April.

We will also keep you all posted on some spring trail clean up days.  Stay tuned.